Miguel Maldonado, Stella Iannitto, Ana Ugarte

production by Observatorio de Cine
Argentina, 2008
time: 26' 27''

An inert object takes life creating its own world until almost becoming independent. The sun is setting in the middle of a wood, in the suburbs of Buenos Aires. Fernando and Don Demetrio, suspiciously alike, fuse their personalities playing at the border between fiction and reality. “He came because he wanted. Many nights, a lot of work. Part by part it was all seen through candles and mirrors. Sometimes we are at home and he’s hanging and he looks at me. He looks at me and he knows when I’m sad, and I speak to him, and he speaks to me.” “Hang on, Don Demetrio, hang on.”

Stella Iannitto, Miguel Maldonado and Ana Ugarte are filmmakers, living respectively in Turin, Madrid and Barcelona. They met studying documentary in Buenos Aires where they decided to collaborate working together on this project. Their work, is characterized by the experimentation with image and the exploration of new narrative forms. They are currently working on creating new projects. 

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