Alex Tyson

production by Syntax Error Group, LLC
ARCHCINE 2016 , 2015
time: 4' 45''

Commissioned for New Works: Ciné-Roman (films in response to Chris Marker's La Jetée), 3 Minutes in America is a​n experimental ​narrative criss-crossing the continental US. The film presents a romance unfolding amid an array of contemporary phenomena; including vaccine production, basketball games, fracking, and ​activity on ​Hillary Clinton's email server. ​The short is a collaboration with photographer Barb Choit.  

Alex Tyson (b. 1985) is an American filmmaker and artist based in Los Angeles, CA. He works with non-linear editing programs, text and multi-channel sound.His work has been screened at festivals and museums ​internationally, including MoMA Doc Fortnight (USA), Cinema Verité (Iran), Artists' & Experimental Moving Image​ ​(IE), Docville (BE), GFFIS (KR), Itau Cultural Center (BR), ​Vdrome,​ and The Philadelphia Museum of Art.​ His first documentary, Mountain Fire Personnel​ ​was awarded the Prix du Jury La Mobilière at Visions du Réel in 201​5.​


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