Alexandra Orekhova

production by Alexandra Orekhova
Russia, 2012
time: 8' 29''

Once, the ancient Gods have decided to come down from Olympus, and were among the people.

Alexandra Orekhova was born 23.10.1978  in St.Petersburg, Russia.  Graduated from the Law Faculty of  St. Petersburg State University. From 2011 study at St. Petersburg University of Cinema and Television, Russia  (Professor Sergei Ovcharov). Among her works: in 2012  the fiction 'Roadside' and the documentary 'Among People' and in 2011 the documentary 'Queen Margot'  (participant  of XXI International Film Festival documentary, short and animated film Massage to Man). She won Fountain Award  (for debut) XI  Festival of Film Schools Piterkit.

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