Pablo Lobato

production by Teia and Inhotim
Brazil, 2008
time: 5' 37''

The video documents a performance made by the American artist Chris Burden at Instituto Inhotim, in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Which resulted in the work Beam Drop Inhotim (2008). Directed by Pablo Lobato, the video was produced by Teia. Beam Drop Inhotim (2008) is a large scale sculpture, located in the top of a mountain, the piece is made of 71 construction beams dropped inside a ditch filled with fresh concrete held by a 45 meters tall crane, during a 12 hours long period. The random pattern of the fallen beams formed the work, in an interpretation of the gesture of the abstract expressionism, proposing at the same time the deconstruction of modern sculpture. This piece is a remake, in larger scale, of a work originally installed in 1984, at Art Park, in the State of New York, which was destroyed in 1987.

Pablo Lobato lives and works in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. He works in different media, such as film, video, photography, site-specific, installation, objects and actions. In 2009 Lobato was granted a fellowship by the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation/New York. Lobato’s recent exhibitions include Sharjah Biennial, UAE (2013); The Storytellers, Stenersen Museum, Oslo (2012); Panorama da Arte Brasileira, Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (2011); and Sundance Film Festival, EUA (2007).

Director / Direção: Pablo Lobato
Production / Produção: Luana Melgaço
Camera / Câmera: Clarissa Campolina, Helvécio Marins Jr., Pablo Lobato, Roberto Bellini, Sérgio Borges
Editor / Montagem: Pablo Lobato
Finishing / Finalização: Fabiano Waewell
Sound technician / Som direto: Osvaldo Gomes Ferreira
Sound Editor / Edição de som: O Grivo

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