LaTurbo Avedon

production by LaTurbo Avedon
Internet, 2015
time: 4' 05''

LaTurbo Avedon is an artist and resident of the Internet. Without a real world referent, LaTurbo is a digital manifestation of a person that has never existed outside of a computer. Avedon’s digital sculptures and environments disregard the lack of physicality, and instead emphasize the practice of virtual authorship. Her works are regularly distributed online, and have been exhibited internationally - including Transmediale (Berlin), NRW Forum (Düsseldorf), Museum Angewandtekunst (Frankfurt), CICA Museum (Gimpo), Newman Festival (Druskininkai), NRW Forum (Düsseldorf), Transfer Gallery (New York City), Jean Albano Gallery (Chicago), and Galeries Lafayette (Paris).


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