Andreas Karaoulanis

production by Andreas Karaoulanis
time: 3' 32''

Corporate Coitus // From the CD Giraffes. I composed Corporate Coitus while working as an audio technician at a company which produced background music for businesses. When the company CEO was interviewed by the on-line business journal, I used the audio portion of the interview as source material. I extracted the extra-verbal sounds—the “ahs” and “ums” and intakes of breath—for use in this new piece. The title of Corporate Coitus came about as I feel that sex and business are always somehow connected. I heard the piece as an imaginary sex act gathering intensity to a climax followed by a gradual de-tumescence. [David Hahn]

Andreas Karaoulanis comes from a Computer Science and Animation background. His current work deals with interactive media design and animation.He has present his work in Museum Of London, Moscow, Paris and in various Galleries and spaces around Europe. One of his latest projects is bestbefore, an online interactive showcase blog. 

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