Dina Roncevic

production by School of missing studies
Croatia/The Netherlands, 2014
time: 10' 03''

Zezao is a Sao Paulo graffiti artist whose practice reveals a lot about how the city of Sao Paulo treats its water. Rios and Ruas is an initiative started by José Bueno, architect and urbanist and Luiz de Campos Jr, a geographer. Their research into streams hidden under Sao Paulo concrete, engages and educates citizens not only about the city and its waters, but also about the importance of understanding the environment we live in. Maitê Freitas is a journalist with a profound understanding of our environment through research into Ayahuasca. Paulo Tavares is an architect engaged in a project Forensic architecture, through which the team is establishing a broader look on what our environment is and how do we deal with it within the institution of law.

Dina Roncevic is an artist from Croatia. As a graduate work on Animation and New media department, Art academy in Zagreb, Croatia (2010), she made a professional retraining to be a car mechanic. After working as a puppet and stop motion animator on films, she was an artist in residence in Sao paulo, Mexico (CANTE, 2012) and NY, NY (ISCP, 2013). She performed throughout Europe with her car deconstruction project and graduated on Sandberg Instituut, Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, The Netherlands (2015) where she became a theatre performer. Video followed her continouslly throughout her work as a form of documentation, as usually the process, not the outcome, was the main characteristic of her work.


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