Rhayne Vermette

production by Rhayne Vermette
Canada, 2017
time: 15' 20''

"The block of marble is the most beautiful of all statues" - Carlo Mollino. This is the story of the godlike architect, Carlo Mollino, animated within the desk space of failed architect, Rhayne Vermette. Made, with love on 16mm, 35 and Super 8, this classic tale of Pygmalion investigates intersections between cinema and architecture. For E. Ackerman, A. Jarnow, and T. Ito.

Rhayne Vermette is an artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Having studied architecture, Rhayne is severely interested in images and animation which confront architectural conventions. Her practice is rooted in notions of decadence and the indeterminate, and favours experimental forms. Her 16mm films negotiate documentary form, often merging the insipid within the surreal. Rhayne has had her films screened across the globe, including the Chicago Underground Film Festival, Images Film Festival, the European Media Arts Festival, and on and on.


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