Federica Cogo

The artist's personal and artistic pursuit focuses on the relationship between man and nature. It does this through the animal, as mirror and embodiment of an intimate, primordial dimension of mankind. Faithful to a scientific approach, and in particular the science of anthropology, Federica Cogo researches her subjects painstakingly, as it is the case in this work. Untitled #1 is the documentation of an actual event, filmed by an ordinary person and sourced through popular web-based channels. Yet it is deprived of its realism and stylised, through the use of animation (whereby each frame is hand-drawn by the artist), with a playful and ironic result. A playfulness, however, which profoundly unsettles the viewers from their initial expectations, making them unwilling witnesses of a seemingly endless act of torture. In its quiet, and at times disturbing, simplicity, the work aims to to show man to man itself.

Federica Cogo (b.1985) graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Verona, where she had her first solo exhibition Ethic of the meat exploring gender and sexuality. In 2011, having participated in numerous group exhibitions, she began working with the gallery PHNEUTRO in Verona. The following year, she won the Second Prize at Premio Celeste, with her video Untitled#1, which was also shown as part of the Play Time exhibition in Beijing, curated by Cecilia Freschini. In 2013, the artist won the Special Prize Art Residence in Beijing, and was selected by JCE to represent her country at the Biennal of Contemporary Art, celebrating emerging artistic talent. In 2014 she has been chosen as a finalist in the contest Young Photography Italian, with the work Stars and Stripes. Shecurrently works with the gallery The Format Gallery and lives in Verona. 


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