Brit Bunkley

production by Brit Bunkley
New Zealand, 2005
time: 4' 22''

“Fleeced” is a video composite of short video vignettes that obliquely refer to psychological, environmental, and social-political dislocations set within rural settings of the Southern North Island of New Zealand. I grew up on an Island in New England in the USA near a military air base during the cold war. I moved to a house in the middle of a sheep paddock in New Zealand in 1995. In the valley, dead animals regularly float down the Whanganui River. A famous postcard of a “Maori maiden” was photographed on this river at the beginning of the last century. A sacred volcano, Mt. Taranaki looms on the horizon. 

Brit Bunkley’s current art practice includes public art, sculpture, installation, and the creation of “impossible” moving and still images and architecture designed using computer 3D modelling, video and image editing programs, with content emphasising majestic landscapes, human revelry and an oblique sense of apocalyptic anxiety tempered with whimsy and irony. Brit is represented in numerous international collections and has completed a dozen permanent and temporary public art projects. In addition, he has received several grants and fellowships including a Wallace Trust grant in NZ; a New York State Fellowship (CAPS) grant, a New York State Council on the Arts project grant, a USA National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship and the American Academy Rome Prize Fellowship.

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