Dennis Hlynsky

production by Dennis Hlynsky
ARCHCINE 2016 , 2014
time: 2'

Micro cultures of insects occupy the ground beneath our feet. During the summer of 2014 Hlynsky began a series of experiments watching still-lives decay. In this film everything not moving in the scene has been digitally removed. The speed of the film has been increased ten fold. Exhibited at Hiroshima City MOCA, March 2016 to May 2016.

Dennis Hlynsky (1952 Ohio) resides in Providence, Rhode Island where he is a Professor at the RI School of Design. He is a practicing artist, teacher, and early adopter of electronic media. Drawing and photography were primary studies but soon gave way to video in 1972. The early studies included analogue video synthesis and video installation with Electron Movers, Providence RI. The US bicentennial began his study of celebration as a long form time art. This in turn led to the study of small animals gathered en masse as annual events. Dennis incorporated ever evolving electronic media technologies into his artistic practice. The early experimental video mode incorporating analog image synthesis was replaced with a decade of documentary. From 1977 to 1987 Dennis recorded people with life threatening illness. The Videoanalysis project at RI Hospital with Stephanie Lafarge produced video recordings used to inform medical professionals as well as give voice to terminal patients on the international stage. This work underscored the notion of artists as observational human beings and encouraged an appreciation of the smaller events in our life. Digital technologies, personal computing and the web provided a refreshing outlet for a continuation of the experiments with analog video synthesis. Selected exhibits include – Hiroshima City MOCA, 3/2016; National Museum of Wildlife art of the United States, Jackson, Wyoming; Tazmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Spring 2016; 'Höhenrausch', Summer 2015, OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz; 'Trans-ideology: Nostalgia', MOCA Taipei, 20/2015, 'Transartfest', Berlin, Germany 2013, 'For the Birds Palo Alto Art Center', Jan 2016; 'The Imagine Science Film Festival', 2014, Brooklyn, NYC.


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