Ayşegül Güryüksel

production by Subvoid
Turkey, 2008
time: 20' 02''

Every eternity is a different big bang, this bang is a dimensional downward therefore an imaginary starting. The world turns by imagination. A one eternity, which is surrounded by the lightness of the mystery, while everyone in their own force and weakness, every clue finds its own meaning by one frame's imagination.An extreme modernity in dysfunctional absurdities,where the broken clock points the right time twice a day.

BIOGRAPHY: Born in 1980 Istanbul, she graduated from MSU Istanbul State Conservatory of Performing Artsin 2001, founder of Subvoid in 2006. She previously created solos, improvisations,  collabrations, was a scholarship student at the American Dance Festival in 2000and has participated many festivals, worked with well-known choreographers/directors from Europe to across the ocean. She also worked with numerous companies in Istanbul as a choreographer, instructor, actress,as well as a dancer, including Zeynep Tanbay Dance Project and Istanbul State Opera for 17 years. In 2006, she created Subvoid with her first evening lenght work called Dependent Independences.Later on with her strong interest in editing, she decided to transform her stage-art work into an experimentalfilm-art production and with this film, she become an award-winner director in New York in and moved to the City in 2009. Subvoid has been presented in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands,Wien, London, Paris, New York, California, Cyprus, Toronto, Sydney, Argentina and Santiago since 2007. She finally lives in a movie theatre space and working as an Independent Artistic Director in New York Film Center  from 2010.


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