Larry Wang

production by Larry Wang
ARCHCINE 2016 , 2014
time: 1' 38''

In truth there is no reason for this work to exist outside of the wild amusement that I gain in creating it, and the hope that one person at least finds it worth the looking. There is no storyboard, no overarching aesthetic: I start with an image and a sound and I add, subtract, and manipulate to create a sequence of images which will have, hopefully, its own internal order. Meaning is optional, though I like the possibility that reason will be suspended and that connections will be made in some other, non-linear sphere. I refer to the videos that I've made over the last three years as dream fragments, because they start and they end without any allegiance to a known narrative, without declaring "once upon a time.”

Larry Wang is a plumber, living and working in Santa Fe New Mexico.

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