Andre Farkas, Arthur Guttilla

production by Dezenove Som e Imagens
Brazil, 2011
time: 9'

By nightfall in São Paulo, a  mysterious game is offered to a graffiti artist. This urban art story is told through the ludic technique of light painting.

André Farkas e Arthur guttilla were born in São Paulo.
André has a Fine Art degree by the Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado. In this last few years worked as an animator for many commertial campaigns (including MTV), and participated in many art expositions. He is also recognised for his Graffiti works under the name Treco. Arthur graduated in Cinema, also in the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado. Worked in many short films and commertials. In 2009 his film project was approved by São Paulo City Hall, and Co-Directed alongside Willand Pinsdorf the five minute Short documentary Samparkour, about Parkour in São Paulo. By 2010 he worked as an animator for the feature film Dois coelhos by Afonso Poyart.
Arthur and André worked together in many animation projects including Tata Amaral's short film Carnaval dos Deuses and the video clip Futezinho na escola for the band Pequeno Cidadão.

Executive production / Produtor Executivo: Maria Ionescu
Direction, script, editing / Direção, roteiro, edição: André Farkas e Arthur Guttilla
Cinematography / Diretor de Fotografia: Fabio Rossi
Art director / Diretor de arte: André Farkas e Arthur Guttilla
Sound designer / Design de som: Livio Tragtemberg
Original Soundtrack Composer / Trilha Sonora Original Compositor: Livio Tragtemberg


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