Eva Wollenberg

production by Eva Wollenberg
France, 2011
time: 56''

'TOTEM: How unusual your eyes, they sleep with angels' is part of a serie of « Video Totems » illustrating a personal mythology. After William Blake’s verses « What immortal hand or eye. Could frame thy fearful symmetry? ». These totems explore the majestic beauty of elements, creatures, archetypes seen as pillars maintaining the fragile balance of the natural world. Suggested to be played on loop. 

French polymathic artist and poet of Polish origins born in 1982, Eva Wollenberg lives and works in the middle of the woods, in the mountains of East of France. She started to share her poetic ecosystem (photo, video, writing, music, mixed-media artworks) with the public in 2010, after working as a creative recluse 12 years long. Digging into the mine of existentialism, chtonian mysteries, the uncanny and the unseen, her focus is on the exploration of the inner arena, emotional and psychological self-discovery. Deeply attuned to nature, she considers art an alchemical process, a way to uncover and free the true Self, integrate Shadow elements into the personality. 


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