Laura Hyunjhee Kim

production by Laura Hyunjhee Kim
USA/Korea, 2013
time: 2' 12''

In the formats of a pop music video, "BE MY CLONE (2013)" fantasizes about electronic devices and digital platforms that contribute to data storage and memory retention. Is the desire to share and preserve a moment through replication (via USB flash drives and cloud devices) overriding the actual experience itself and disrupting one's physical existence?

Laura Hyunjhee Kim works with video, performance and the Internet as a medium to render familiar physical experiences into digitally fabricated (non)existent spaces. Kim received the inaugural ArtSlant Award in New Media. She has exhibited work at on/offline exhibition spaces including CAAMFest,  Bronx Art Space (Bronx, NY), Anthology Film Archives (New York, NY), Fei Contemporary Art Center-Shanghai (Shanghai, China), Institute of Contemporary Arts (London, UK), The Berlin International Directors Lounge–Berlin (Berlin, Germany), Annual Dresden Artists' Exposition (Dresden, Germany), Mutuo Centro de Arte (Barcelona, Spain), “#nfcdab Wrocław” Digital Art Biennial (Wrocław, Poland), Costa Rica Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (San José, Costa Rica), quARTel - Galeria Municipal de Arte (Abrantes, Portugal), Caracas Museum of Contemporary Art-Caracas (Caracas, Venezuela), and Super Art Modern Museum.  Kim received her B.S. in Art from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and M.F.A. in New Genres from the San Francisco Art Institute.​ 


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