NoiseVideo Festival 2015

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NoiseVideo Festival 2015


Since our start in 2012 we made few good things such as Brasil on Art (first online festival of Brazilian films on Art with Sao Paulo MoveCineArte Festival). We have investigated the representation of architecture with live sessions at Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina in Serbia and through the online format EVA (Experimental Video Architecture) Festival. Recently with the Circuit of Auckland with have streamed 'Goodnight Kiwi' an online session of New Zealand video art. Also since 2014 we have started the "Special Guest" programme with live streaming session aimed at introducing the work of single artist such as Mircea Nicolae, Federica Cogo, Brit Bunkley, Luciana Beneduce. With 2015 we are happy to launch our new format titled 'NOISEVIDEO Festival' that will present a short selection of videos that engage the dialogue between sound production and video/cinematic design. The goal is to explore this interaction field in the visual art. For this first edition we will present a wide gamma of possible approaches as a chance to start a debate and make it available to a wide audience. For this we have invited a group of authors to participate in this online festival that will take place from 3rd April through 3rd May 2015.



Hyperions Schicksalslied by Aaron Club, Italy, 2013, 3' 30''

Wrong by The Unstitute, UK, 2012, 4' 35''

Radioactive Dreams by Jennifer Juniper Stratford, US, 2014, 5' 29''

Dissecting Muybridge Excerpts Part 1 by Eric Souther, US, 2014, 14' 14''

Ghosts by Larry Wang, US, 2014, 1' 38''

Conque by Jesse Malmed, US, 2014, 8' 47''

Engram (Optical Sound #001) by Blanca Rego, Spain, 2012, 2' 27''

Figures by Charles Cohen, US, 2014, 1' 00''

Press + by Benjamin Ducroz, Australia, 2009, 1' 27'

Zero Return by Nathan Thompson, New Zealand, 2007, 9' 44'

News From the Webcoast by Kim Asendorf, Germany, 2011, 5' 00''

Out of the woods. Into the wounds by Tine Guns, Belgium, 2011, 3' 20''

Rain by Lissa Mitchell, New Zealand, 1998, 8' 40''

Learning to Use the Alphabet by Emily Alden Foster, US, 2013, 3' 36''

Super Sellody by Hooliganship, US, 2008, 1' 41''

Bruxelles Double Sens by Gerald White, Belgium, 2013, 3' 17''



Charles Woodman (United States)

Andrea Fratti Costa (Brazil)

Rossano Pinelli (Italy)

Fabrizio Saiu (Italy)

Ramón Silles (Spain) 



The prize is awarded to the video that better interprets the dialogue between sound and visual. 

Dissecting Muybridge Excerpts Part 1 by Eric Souther

Special Mention 
Learning to Use the Alphabet by Emily Alden Foster