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Filmessay is glad to contribute to the 1st edition of ARCHCINE - Festival Internacional de Cinema de Arquitetura that take place from 23 through 28 novembre 2016 in Rio De Janeiro.  
The 1st ARCHCINE will feature about 30 films, in addition to activities that aim the diffusion of architecture and urbanism through the cinema. The festival has support from Canal Arte 1 (Art1 Channel), institutional support from the Centro Cultural Justiça Federal (CCJF), the international partnership of the International Architecture Film Festival of Lisbon (Portugal) and Filmessay, and promotion of the Archdaily Brazil website. The realization is of the IBEFEST - Brazilian Institute of Studies of Audiovisual Festivals and of the company Casa Coisa - Architecture Design and Ideas.

The video were selected by Steve Bisson for E.V.A. a travelling format on experimental architecture videos, produced by Filmessay. E.V.A. has been screened so far at Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina (Serbia), Isolab (Italy), Paris College of Art (France) in Serbia.The festival is meant to stimulate thoughts on the global process of urbanisation, housing possibilities, cities and their construction, the condition of man increasingly at the service of technology, the progressive fusion of reality and simulacrum. The screening programme offers a variety of visions and ideas that explore the definitions of architecture and raise potential questions on the perception of spaces. 



Metropolis by Rob Carter, USA, 2008, 9’30”

Shed by Brit Bunkley, New Zealand, 2014, 3’36” 

Apodemy by Katerina Athanasopoulou, Greece/UK, 2012, 5’13”

Simulacra by Theo Tagholm, UK, 2015, 3’56”

Exit To The Shallows by Jonathan Traviesa and Jane Cassidy, USA and Ireland, 2015, 6′ 42”

Survey by Joe Hamilton, Tasmania, 1'

Uprooted by Isabelle Hayeur, Canada, 10'45''