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MOVE CINE ARTE International Art Film Festival will open in Venice, at Palazzo Rossini, next Saturday June 10th 2017, at 18:30. The program includes the screenings of the award-winning films and the presentation of Julia Kater’s art installation. MOVE CINE ARTE is an itinerant art film festival produced by Filmessay and Olhar Periférico. Founded in Brazil in 2012 it has become a reference for cinema and art enthusiasts. The new edition will take place in Venice, Sao Paulo and Paris in collaboration with several international partners: European Cultural Centre, Paris College of Art, B_arco Centro Cultural, Espaço Marieta, Itau Cultural.  Venice will open the Festival with the prize winners, while Brazil will host the full programming of the selected film: in all 28, coming from 17 countries. To these are added 8 films from the section of cinemas and visual arts that will be presented in November in Paris.



Award ​Winner of 2017 Festival edition
The award goes to the film that gets the best score from the jury.
'El Coral que trajimos de Brasil'
by Martin Serra (Argentina).

Award Best Story and Art investigation
The award goes to the film that best documents or interprets an art story. The prize considers the narrative structure, photography, language, but also creativity and inventiveness in the expressive form. 
A Deusa Branca'
​by Alfeu França (Brazil).

Award Best Dialogue between Art and Video
The award wants to emphasize the contamination between video language and artistic contents. The award enhances both the innovative ways of developing this dialogue, and the proposals that value the film itself as artwork.
'Amarillo Ramp'
by Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat (USA).

Special Mention
by Igor Grubić (Croatia) 



Amarillo Ramp by Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat, 24’09’’, USA, 2016
Pillars by Brit Bunkley, 4'02'', New Zealand, 2016
Catawba by Rob Carter, 5’56’’, United States, 2014
A Blood Stained Ballet by Étienne Chédeville, 16’06’’, France, 2016
Retirantes by Maira Coelho, 13’24’’, Brazil, 2014
Migration by Cassiana Der Haroutiounian, 8’30’’, Armenia, 2016
Marina Abramovic in Brazil by Marco Del Fiol, 86’34’’, Brazil, 2016
15 Attemps by Aliona van der Horst, 50’04’’, The Netherlands, 2014 
A Deusa Branca by Alfeu França, 30’53’’, Brazil, 2014
Echoing Calls by Iratxe Fresneda, 54’10’, Spain’ 2016
The Karamazoffs by J. Gamero and C. Rodríguez, 85’51’’, Spain, 2016
Silent Spring by Isabelle Hayeur, 18’45’', Canada, 2015 
Icaro by Carla Jay Shah Laroche, 11’06’’, Brazil, 2016
DOVNQSNOAN by John Manceau, 3’25’’, Sweden, 2015 
Poros e Eros by Gal Oppido, 12' 52', Brazil, 2015
City of Work by Guillermo G. Peydr, 61’24’’, Spain, 2015
Massao Ohno: Poetically speaking by Paola Prestes, 89’00’’, Brazil, 2015
The Fawn by S/N, 8’15’’, United States, 2017
YOU. THE OCEAN . ME by Mariana Schmidt, 7’52’’, Brazil, 2016 
Along Chapel Road by André Schreuders, 96’07’’, The Netherlands, 2016 
El coral que trajimos de Brasil by Martin Serra, 29'03'', Argentina,  2017
Search Engine Vision by Eric Souther, "ISIS" 6'31'', United States, 2016  
Monument by Igor Grubić​, 50’00’’, Croatia, 2015
Ludo by Lioba Von den Driesch, 21’35’’, Germany, 2016
Rackstraw Downes: a painter by Rima Yamazaki, 39’34’’, Japan, 2014
Werewolf by Janaina Wagner, 18’16’’, Brazil, 2016 
Master and Tatyana by Giedre Zickyte, 82’00’’,  Lithuania, 2014
Scholles - Seeds of Color by Rejane Zilles, 28'00, Brazil, 2016 

An Echoing Memory of a Tongue by Arash Akhgari, 1’55’’, Canada, 2017
A Study of a Woman by Daniela Bornstein, 3’37, United States, 2016
Sleep Paralysis by Fernando Gallucci, 13’, Argentina, 2016
O Mar Dela by Camilla Kinker, 5’, Brazil, 2015
Tomorrow the sun was different by Anna Kryvenko, 17’, Ukraine, 2014
Underbridge by Florent Schwartz, 3'12, Taiwan, 2017
Monotone red-colored Gnome by Vera Sebert, 7’11’’, Austria, 2016
Emerald Ice by Jesseca Ynez Simmons, 16'00, United States, 2016