Barbara Beltramello


'Mother of Hope' is the story of Dona Nolbia Navarro, a 68 years old woman from Honduras, who has no information about his son, Pedro Antonio, since he left to migrate to the U.S., 18 years ago. In Central America, and in Honduras in particular, is common to have a member of the family disappeared in Mexico. Official Institutions says that, since 2006, 70.000 migrants have disappeared. The reasons of this phenomenon are different: migrants are kidnapped, killed, or are forced to work for criminal organizations; they die for natural causes, or while crossing the border between Mexico and the U.S. (in the desert or in the Rio Bravo), or because they fall down from the train on which they are traveling; or more simply, because they started a new life in Mexico or in the U.S. and they stopped or they could not communicate anymore with their families. 

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