Georges Salameh

production by Georges Salameh
Greece/Lebanon, 2016
time: 19' 48''

A conversation with Greek photographer Nikos Markau. A journey in the life of a photographer that since the 80s chose to tell his country, its people, its natural moments, its geometries, its topos. 'Life Narratives' is the title of his recent series started as a reaction to 2008 economic crise as the same author declared to director Georges Salameh «I felt the need to do something new. I believed that what we are experiencing as a country is not new. Maybe we just discovered it because of the money involved. I don't know how to describe it but this ‘Crisis’ is the story of my life. And I believe what is expressed in ‘Life Narratives’ resonate with our era».

Born in Beirut, 1973. Studied film in Paris. Currently living in Athens. «My work is an idiosyncratic exploration on the notion of sedimentation, both in the physical and metaphysical sense. Documents, reconstructions, gestures, wanderings & a sense of listening, take the viewer on a poetic meander through a creative comparison of reality, OF languages and narrations».


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