Tine Guns

production by Tine Guns
Belgium, 2011
time: 3' 20''

out of the woods. into the wounds is an early short experiment. The video & audio files of a broken DV-tape where imported. By focussing on the mistakes by repeating them and flipping them back and forward, i tried tot give the images a different narrative.A mundane quiet scene in the woods gets tension and aggression. a dear acts like a bull and we hear bullets. 

Tine Guns (°1983) focuses on the constant metamorphosis that we experience as human beings, and the inability to capture the fleeting reality. The influence of our memory on how we perceive images results in multiple perceptions and interpretations. Guns’ work tries to open up our linear historiographical point of view by offering new combinations. The work exists of video’s and books. Not by chance formats with a very linear construction, since they suppose to have a beginning an an end. She plays with and challenges the parameters of cinema & visual storytelling. The latest photographic installations are a result of the investigation between still & moving images. Our (collective) Memory & History are a main source of inspiration for Tine Guns so she worked a lot in Archives, personal and collective archives.She works and lives in Ghent, Belgium. Her videowork was screened at festivals like Jean Rouch Festival, Next Festival, TAZ 2011. She exhibited at Cinematek/Bozar, Netwerk Aalst Belgium. Her photograpic installations were selected for Voies Off Festival 2014, BruggeFoto 2014 & Salut d’Honneur de Jan Hoet, Oostende 2014.


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