Yali Herbet

production by Yali Herbet
Israel, 2014
time: 3' 45''

Scenario plan is a graphic sketch, a map that shows the architecture plan. It is used mainly to portray the idea and expectations about a certain project.In this movie, I dive into this map, in search of the meaning of the plan. What does a plan predict about the future? I believe that a good plan is at risk of failing the same way a bad plan fails. A plan is an evidence that reminds us how we did not succeed to follow it.The scenario plan is an estrange, cold space in which I decided to arouse little incidents from life and imagination. I portray a world of thought, fears, daily acts and feelings. The routine and circulation gives us the comfort to repression, illusions and forgetting the future.

Yali Herbet, b. 1989 in israel, graduated BA animation studies at 'Bezalel School of Art and Design', Jerusalem. in 2013, she attended an exchange program at SVA 'School of Visual Arts' in NYC. during 2015-2016, Yali's graduation film "Mirrors" is touring around the globe in film festivals. Currently works in a feature film production. she loves to study life while creating animations and film.


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