Joe Hamilton

production by Joe Hamilton
Tasmania, 2012
time: 1'

In Survey, video and imagery taken of abandoned architecturalstructures in the tropical jungles of Thailand are blended. Thebrutal concrete structures are counterweighted by the vibrant lushvegetation. Floating camera movements stitch together a seamlessspace from different locations and perspectives.

Joe Hamilton (b. 1982 Tasmania) makes use of technology and found material to create intricate and complex compositions online, offline and in-between. His recent work questions our established notionsof the natural environment within a society that is becomingincreasingly networked.Hamilton holds a BFA from the University of Tasmania and an MA from RMIT in Melbourne. His work has been shown to great extent internationally with recent group exhibitions at The Moving Museum Istanbul, The Austrian Film Museum, Kunsthalle Düsseldorfand The New Museum in New York.


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